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Vision - 3 - Org. Fungisides

Vision - 3

Vision-3 is an excellent pest repellent and antifeedant. Chain of amino acids & herbal extracts are specific pest controller in concentrated form. The immune-modulators in the herbal extract enhances the plant immunity to pest attack.

It is the combination of marine fatty acids & fish oil, which controls pests without any residue & side effects. This product is specifically designed for controlling white fly, thrips, red mites, mealy bugs & chewing pests in agriculture.

It forms protective layer over applied area which will enter in respiratory system of the insect & damage their cell metabolism.


Recommended for use to a wide range of crops including fruits & vegetables. The rate of application is 200ml / 100 lit of water.

Vision-3 is water soluble & non toxic to plants, animals & humans. It does not leave any residue.

Presentation: 250 ml. / 500 ml. / 1ltr.