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Prolime- Eklavya


Prolime is research based product serving farmers to increase the quality and quantity of the crop yield. It helps in arresting damages caused by insects & diseases to plant. This gives resistance to plant fight against red mites and powdery mildew in different crops. It is the most important & major element (micro) after N.P.K for the plant growth.

Prolime plays important role in photosynthesis & enzymatic reaction. It is essential for nitrogen metabolism. Every kilo of “N” requires 80gm. of sulphur hence it must be supplied additionally. Almost every type of crop has a high requirement of sulphur including fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, cotton etc.

Note: Prolime is not equally compatible with other pesticides hence it is to be mixed with them with proper precaution.


Recommended for use on wide range of crops including fruits and vegetables.

The rate of application is 400-500ml per 200 lit of water.

Prolime is water soluble and non toxic to plants, animals & humans.

Presentation: 1ltr. / 5ltr.


Eklavya contents plant hormone derived from plant extract. This innovation based on Nano Technology has proved to be very effective in increasing the size in fruits.

Use of Ekalavya results in increased and uniform size healthy heavier and bigger fruits means increases in yield per care and more profitability.

Content - Plant hormones derived from plant extract.

Note - All active constituents are extended from registration under CID aur FC percentage of active constituent may vary depending upon the storage condition and exposure to heat and sunlight.
Shake well before use
Keep away from sunlight


2 ML per 50 liter of water For spray application, dipping application in case of fruits.