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Imbala - SMS


Imbala is a research based product with variable proteins in naturaly available form. It is plant energizer protein, flowering stimulant and yield booster. It increases yield parameters. It is a unique translocator of photosynthesis resulting in higher yield.


Recommended for use to a wide range of crops including fruits & vegetables. The rate of application is 200 ml / 100 lit of water.

Use 1 lit. Imbala for drip application per acre each time in all Fruits & Vegetables etc.

Imbala is water soluble & non toxic to plants, animals & human.

Presentation: 250 ml. / 500 ml. / 1ltr. / 5ltr.


SMS is a aluminum silicate based water dispersible silicon powder. SMS film coat protects the plants from sun-burn and frost damage. This is a new method of crop protection known as Particle film technology. Its film coat reflects the heating infrared waves and burning UV rays. It increases the efficacy of the active ingredients. Evapo - transpiration losses remarkably stopped and it acts just like anti-stress agent. It gives luster to fruits and dark green color to crop foliage. Minimizes sucking pest attack. Use in soil application increases phosphorous and potash availability.

Reduces disease intensity and intensity of bacterial attack. Photosynthesis activity is remarkably improved. Improves shelf life of fruits & vegetables. Also minimizes post harvest decaying losses while transport. Toxic residual effects of chemicals are reduced. Also can be used as dusting media. SMS is eco friendly.


2 gm / lit of water as per crop stages.

Dissolve required quantity of SMS in water 30 min before spray, Stir well before spraying.

Use 1-2 kg per acre for dripp application.

Use 2-3kg for dusting purpose per acre.

Purity: 98% water dispersible water.

Presentation: 500 gm.