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Rootpro- Rootspeed


Rootpro is a root growing hormone. Natural base of humus-humic substances are the basic active ingredients in potassium humate. They are highly active compounds with a wide spectrum of chemical and biological disintegration of organic residues.

Content of humic substances is a major indicator of soil fertility. They increase the effectiveness of mineral fertilization ensuring that nutrients are absorbed in better way. They increase the permeability of membranes and positively influence plants Metabolism, Photosynthesis respiration, synthesis of proteins and activity of ferments.

The higher content of humic substances improves the structure and organic contents of the soil, minimizes the amount of nutrients those are washed out of soil and increases the soil's ability to retain water. Improves yields & seed germination capacity. Reduces adverse effects of transplanting.


Apply Rootpro 500 gm per acre, dissolved in required quantity of water.

Purity: 98% water soluble powder.

Presentation:500 gm. / 1kg.


Root Speed is a special blend of rooting hormones and humic acid which is an ideal soil conditioner and root promoting media. Root Speed keeps drip irrigation system free from salt. Root Speed is ideal for garden, drip irrigated crops and nursery.

Root Speed improves crop yield by:

Protecting and enhancing action of bio pesticides on leaf surface.

Improving uptake of micro-nutrients.

Accelerating germination.

Inducing early maturity.

Helping plants to resist drought.

Method of Application:

Seed treatment- 1.5ml per kg of seed in sufficient qty of water.

Seedling/Root Dip- 5 ml per liter of water.

Foliar Spray- 1.0 ml per liter of spray solution.

Drip & Sprinkler Irrigation – 1 lit per acre in sufficient quantity of water.

Presentation: 1ltr. / 5ltr.