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Power Drip - Spanco

Powertrack Drip

Powertrack Drip is unique product specially derived from mixing vegetable origin products, fortified with seaweed extract & root growing hormones.

It increases number of tillers & white roots. It brings healthy multiple branching. Combination of different proteins ensure healthy growth of plants & improved immune.


Dissolve 200 ml Powertrack Drip in 100 lit of water for drenching. Use 1 lit.

Powertrack Drip for drip application per acre each time in all Fruits, Vegetables & Sugarcane etc.

Powertrack Drip is water soluble & non toxic to plants, animals & humans. It does not leave any residue.

Presentation: 1ltr. / 5ltr.


Spanco is a unique product of natural origin having multiple activities as a plant bio-stimulant, an anti-stress agent, a nutritional equilibration, an enhancer of some enzymatic systems to bring about a tremendous boost in quality & quantity of the produce.


Recommended for use to a wide range of crops including fruits & vegetables. The rate of application Fruits & Vegetables - 100ml / 100 lit of water for spraying.

Grapes - 100ml / 100 lit of water for spraying & dipping.

ESS & Cheema blower machines 1 lit. per acre.

Presentation: 100 ml. / 250 ml./ 500 ml. / 1ltr.