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Defense- Spirulin


Defense is a research product used for better control over diseases, making the agriculture business more economical. It provides resistance power to plants against pathogen attack. Pathogens such as phytopthera, pythium & downy mildew over number of crops.

After the spray of Defense, it shows effect within 8-12 hours. Defense works in systemic action in plant and hence good coverage is a obtained for better results.


Dissolve 200ml Defense in 100 Lit of water.

Drip Application – 750 ml to 1 lit per acre per application.

Defense is water soluble & non toxic to plants, animals & humans.

Presentation: 500 ml. / 1ltr. / 5ltr.


Spirulin develops resistance against fungus & protects crop. Spirulin is an unique formulation which strengthens plants against various fungal diseases like Downey mildew (plasmopara), powdery mildew (uncinula), anthracnose (colletotrichum), black root rot (pythium), koleroga of arecanut and blight (phytophthora), white rust (Puccinia), black leaf spot (cercospora).

As Spirulin shows systematic action, it moves freely up & down in plant body & acts readily over affected areas either by producing phytoalexins or by inhibiting the growth of fungus. Spirulin is non-toxic and will not create any adverse impacts on plants. It is residue free.


For foliar spray, use 2 gm Spirulin per lit of water. Use Spirulin at an interval of 4-6 days.

If there is any possibility of fungal attack, take 2-3 sprays of Spirulin at an interval of 3-4 days.

Use Spirulin 3-4 gm per lit water in case the plant is infected with fungus.

Spray Spirulin early morning or evening for best results. Spray on leaves, flowers & fruits thoroughly.

Presentation: 500 gm. / 1kg.