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Sugar Boost- Drakshkit

Sugar Boost

Sugarboost is innovation in Biotechnology Research. A unique formula produced by 'Procare Crop Science'. Sugarboost is very useful for timely supply of potash (nutrients), without Sugarboost Nitrogen becomes unbalanced resulting in low yielding. After using Sugarboost it increases color, Sugar, Size & Weight of the fruits, In vegetables scientifically controlled conditions help to give the optimum output. Increase in area of elemental uptake due to deep penetration of primary. secondary by root hair.

Uniformity in fruits or balls till the end of the harvest. Helps to increase the weight and quantity of the produce.


Dissolve 100-150 ml per 100 lit of water for spraying.

Use 1 lit. Sugarboost for drip application per acre each time in all Vegetables & Fruits etc.

Presentation: 500 ml. / 1ltr.


DRAKSHKIT is a researched product of a biological technology-based procare company that acts as a boosting charger in the early times of crop.

DRAKSHKIT improves ground texture by removing distorted elements from the soil from the roots of the crops.

DRAKSHKIT produces lactic acid in the ground and works as an anti-viral agent by preventing pathogenic bacteria such as fungus, viral, microbial diseases.

DRAKSHKIT setting flowers and fruits by increasing light synthesis, greenery and nutrients in plants.

DRAKSHKIT stimulate useful bacteria in the ground, resulting in a simple form of food essential bacteria.

Biological-unbiased stress in grapekit crops boosts immunity to fight stress.

DRAKSHKIT helps improve the thickness of the vineyard foot, grapevine texture, stick and leaves.

Using a grape kit makes the genetic properties of different species of grapes to be seen as they are. Such as the same length, pulse, gar, color, taste, luster and vineyard similarities etc.

Using grape kits improves the quality of grapefruit and improves sustainability, resulting in avoiding the damage of grapevine in traffic.

DRAKSHKIT have become important to use in international quality vineyards, grapekits are easily dissolved in water and safe for plants, animals and humans.