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Aminokem- Fulvitek


It is rich fertilizer for application to soil , foliar application , it is compound of natural protein used for Achieving higher yields and over all development of crops . Aminokem promotes enzymatic activity by acting as natural stimulant which improves flavor , colour, firmness & keeping quality of crops . Aminokem increases Resistance capacity in environmental adversities.


Increase the quality of soil and enhance fertility of soil.

Enhance the crop’ s antivirus and anti – adversity ability

It contains 18 types of like Systine ,lysine, leucine etc.

It helps to increase the fruit size and weight .


It retains moisture , encourages aeration of the roots & helps to provide nutrients including Nitrogen , Phosphorus , Magnesium , Sulphur and micronutrients to the plants.


Activate the soil & improve the soil structure & fertility of the soil.

Improve the usage of fertilizers.

Stimulate micro cosmic biological activity.

Increase Photosynthesis.