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SMS 38- Director

SMS -38

SMS 38 is potasium silicate based silicon powder. This is a new method of crop protection known as Particle film technology. SMS 38 aids the retention and even distribution of any other additive used with SMS38 on plants. Its film coat reflects the heating infrared rays and burning UV rays. Evapo - transpiration losses are remarkably stopped and it acts just like anti-stress agent. It gives luster to fruits and dark green color to crop foliage. Minimizes sucking pest attack. Use in soil application increases phosphorous and potash availability to plants.

Checks disease intensity. Photosynthesis activity is remarkably enhanced. Improves shelf life of fruits & vegetables. Also minimizes post harvest decaying losses while transport. It helps to reduces Toxic residual effects of chemicals. SMS is eco friendly.


Utilize 8-16 kg SMS 38 per acre.

Can be mixed with any fertilizer.

Utilize 1 kg SMS 38 for 50 sq.mt. area of nursery bed.

Presentation: 8 kg.


Director is a unique blend organic matter which are derived from decomposition of various plants. The slurry obtained from this decomposition of plants along with other matters has Viricidal properties. Director is eco-friendly and natural. The present concept of uprooting and destroying the virus affected plants is totally over ruled by Director. Regular sprays on infected plants helps in taking 30% - 50% marketable crop from infected plants and check the spread of virus into healthy ones.

Mode Of Action:

Director enters the plant through the stomatal opening and is translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles. Director on entering into the infected plant cell encapsulates the virus particles. It separates virus particles in protein and nuclei particles. In absence of food virus becomes inactive. Director opens up the conductive tissue blocked by the movement of virus particles and the plant cell starts to recover. To increase the rate of recovery. Director forms a protective layer under the cuticle and the damaged tissues, stopping the entry of virus into the plant system.


Dissolve 200 to 250ml Director in 100 lit of water for spray.

Presentation: 250 ml. / 500 ml. / 1ltr.