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Power Track & GR


Powertrack is innovative Biotechnology Research Product. An unique formula produced by mixing vegetable origin products in scientifically controlled conditions to give optimum output.


Recommended for use on wide range of crops including fruits & vegetables.

10ml to 15ml / 100 lit of water for spraying.

Powertrack Gr

Powertrack GR activates biochemical & enzymatic function in the plant, improve metabolic activity. Increases no. of branches, flower, fruits. Reduces flower & fruit dropping, promotes fruit size. Improves chlorophyll content & stimulate photosynthesis activity. Improves cold resistance, drought resistance & disease resistance properties. It gives more power & energy to the plant. It is highly efficient & enhances of yield of any crop. It increases sugarcane recovery & yield.

Application Method:

Utilize 8-16 kg Powertrack GR for 1 acre. Can be used with any fertilizer for any crop.

Nursery Treatment: Utilize 1 kg Powertrack GR for 50 sq.mt. area of nursery bed.

Presentation: 8 kg. / 25 kg.