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Dawat Drip

Dawat Drip

Dawat drip is innovative research product, an unique formula derived by using plant & animal origin products. It Increases absorption of elements due to deep penetration. It provides Porous soil for good aeration. Expansion in leaf area to increase the rate of photosynthesis and to increase the production of carbohydrates.

Non-Coagulation of proteins due to uninterrupted absorption of water and transportation to canopy. Protein degradation will be delayed due to presence of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen & sulphur. Dawat Drip Provides un-interrupted production of carbohydrates to increase energy levels for respiration. Uniformity in fruits or balls till the end of harvesting. Formation of more endosperm to increase the weight and quantity of produce. Low rate of transpiration during drought spell.


Use 1 lit. Dawat Drip for drip application per acre each time in all Fruits, Vegetables etc.

Dawat Drip is water soluble & non toxic to plants, animals & humans. It does not leave any residue.

Presentation: 1ltr. / 5ltr.


This is a procare company's self-production and provides nutrients that are useful for grape crops.

These promotes pregnancy by increasing the functioning of RNA and (DNA) in any environment in the grapefruit.

Grape crop provides a single balloon of stick, an equal distance between it and nutrients important for the maturity of the crop.

It is used in other crops for pregnancy, for removing buds and for stopping flowering and fruits.

This is a product suitable for exportable product.


2 ml per Lt. Water